Supplier Qualification - Supplier Qualification Forms

ASPQP Supplier Qualification Forms

A number of global suppliers have received certificates of qualification for more than 900 part families.  To apply for initial certification, product qualification testing, manufacturing certification testing, renew your qualification certificate, or manufacturing change requests, use the appropriate form below.  All forms are in Microsoft Word format.


Form Number Name
Qual Form 1 Application for Product Certification
Qual Form 2 Product Qualification Testing
Qual Form 3 Manufacturing Change Request
Qual Form 4 Application for Renewal of Product Certification
Qual Form 5 Manufacturing Sealed Route Flow Chart


The ASPQP standards drawings will mandate when a part requires qualification. Sometimes the qualification requirement can only be determined by carefully reading the Technical Specification called up on the drawing. Product qualification testing ensures that parts meet the controlling specifications.  The testing is independently witnessed and controlled via a sealed route for that subsequent batches continue to meet the specification within closely defined tolerances.  Qualification is necessary for parts with performance features that are not fully defined on the drawing, such as crimps on self-locking nuts, inserts with locking coils, forged bolts, hoses, assemblies and connectors.  Performance features are not always defined on the standard drawing as they are commercially sensitive.  All relevant tests called out in the Technical Specification shall be carried out while being witnessed and captured in a report document.

A manufacturing change request authorizes a change to the sealed manufacturing route by verifying only the requirements of the Technical Specification that will be affected by the change.  It depends on the change whether a complete witnessed report or paper exercise is conducted.

Renewals must capture evidence that a manufacturer has produced and supplied significant batches of part without customer issues in a three-year period.  Approval is granted by the TSC and sometimes requires a report.

It is recommended that applicants be familiar with the contents of Technical Specification TS202, Qualification Test Requirements for Aerospace Standard Parts and TS201 for Manufacturing Change Requests.  Any questions should be addressed to the TSC.  Allow at least three months for the TSC to consider all qualification forms.